PS4 DNS Setup for Smart DNS Proxy

If you are planning to use Play Station 4 with Smart DNS Proxy, we recommend you to configure your router. Please find router configuration details in our How to Setup page

Some services may not work properly with PS4, so we suggest you to test your connection first with your PC.

Play Station 4 DNS Settings:

To setup your PlayStation4 for Smart DNS Proxy only, please follow up the following instructions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Network
  3. Choose set up internet connection
  4. Choose custom
  5. Choose Wi-Fi or LAN depending on how you connect to the Internet
  6. Choose Automatic for IP-address
  7. Choose do not specify for DHCP Host Name
  8. Choose manual for DNS settings
  9. Set Primary DNS and Secondary DNS from below.
    *** Use the DNS servers closest to your physical location.
  10. The list of IP addresses of our DNS severs can be found on our DNS Server List here:
  11. Once you have done so click Next to test the connection
  12. Then restart your PS4.


Make sure to RESTART your PS4!

* Remember whenever your PS4/Router IP changes, our service will stop working for you. You will need to LOG INTO Smart DNS Proxy and UPDATE your IP address so that our system could check your IP address and add your IP to our database. Then, you will be able to continue using our service. If this is the first time you set up, we also suggest that you log in with your PC to our site from the same Wired/Wireless network to show our system your IP address.

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