WD TV Live Player Setup for Smart DNS Proxy

Following setup instructions is only needed one time. Once you finish the initial setup you won't be needing to take the same steps anytime. Your connection will work automatically *anytime! (as long as your IP is in our database - please read info at the end of this instructions)

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If you are planning to use WD Live Player we recommend you to configure your router. Please find router configuration details in our How to Setup page. With router setup all your devices in the network connected to your router gets access to Smart DNS Proxy.

If you don't have access to the router you are connected please find Smart DNS Proxy setup instructions for WD Live Player below:

Netflix and most of other protected content may not work on WD players sold outside of North America. Unfortunately this is physical limitation of the player (missing DRM-compatible chip) and there is nothing we can do about it.

New models of WD TV Live players (3rd generation) won't even show US apps on models made for other countries.

This instruction can work for devices sold in the US.

1. On WD TV Live, go to Settings > Network settings > Network setup and select "Automatic"

2. Wait until WD TV obtains IP address and other settings from the router (if it can't then find connection problem and try again)

3. Open again Settings > Network settings > Network setup and select "Manual"

4. Scroll down to DNS row at the bottom and press "Enter"

5. Set following Smart DNS Proxy IP numbers in DNS field:

Chose the dns server IP address closest to your physical location to enter in to DNS field. i.e.:
The list of IP addresses of our DNS severs can be found on our DNS Server List here: https://www.smartdnsproxy.com/Servers

6. Press "Submit" > "Finish" > "OK"

7. Turn off device with power button on the remote

8. Wait ten seconds

9. Turn it back on


Make sure to RESTART your WD Live Player!

* Remember whenever your WD Live Player/Router IP changes, our service will stop working for you.  You will need to LOG INTO Smart DNS Proxy and UPDATE your IP address so that our system could check your IP address and add your new IP to our database. Then, you will be able to continue using our service. If this is the first time you set up, we also suggest you to log in with your PC to our site from the same Wired/Wireless network to show our system your IP address.

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